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Cantharis pyralis = Photinus pyralis Cantharis pyralis = Photinus pyralis Photinus pyralis = Cantharis pyralis Photinus pyralis = (Cantharis pyralis) Photinus pyralis ( = Cantharis pyralis)

This project grew over the decades with the discovery that malacoderms are graphic as models for understanding the ontophylogenetics of Coleoptera. Other databases, catalogs and monographs are woefully inadequate for mining the huge literature on this group, as many, many species, synonymies and references were missed by the early authors. There are well over 5,500 publications, many of which are intractably cited, and whose hard copies are resigned to deep, off-site archival library storage. Some have only gratuitous mention of concerned species. Virtually all will be loaded for nomen-level search capability. Juvenile literature is omitted but popular literature is not because of the photography it contains. Biochemistry literature is also included- researchers can determine which species have entered the molecular biology/protein chemistry theatres. Miscellany includes Telegeusidae, Karumiidae, Prionceridae, as well as various genera that have moved in and out of the theme families (ie Spermodenops), and luminescent or reportedly luminescent insects outside of Cantharoidea (Homoptera, Chilopoda, Elateridae [not comprehensive], Paussidae, Carabidae, Scarabaeidae, and so on).
Database entries can appear with any number of combinations of the following, and other, strings...[Genus] [Subgenus] [species] [subspecies] [Author] [date] [var] [=synonym] and [OD]. Therefore, user search entries might include case-sensitive genus only to locate major revisionary works, or genus in one box and [space][truncated species epithet] in the other. To mine original descriptions/designations, type a genus or truncated epithet in the first box and OD in the second. Nomen authors cannot be efficiently searched for because they are variously abbreviated, ie Photinus pyralis L, Photinus pyralis Linn. Authors of synonymized names are not in parentheses-- this would be far too labor intensive, and query rollouts show the historical synonymic operations anyway. The "OD" label is not yet installed after many of the earliest named species because 18th & 19th Century authors often would not assert their names as new. Eventually, original descriptions, figures, biogeography, behavioral and metamorphic scenarios, and many other criteria will be hyperlinked to the associated nomina.
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